Balsamic Dill Yogurt Dressing

Balsamic Dill Yogurt Dressing

Balsamic Dill Yogurt Dressing


This Mediterranean salad dressing is super flavorful, easy to make and good for you.  The recipe was created when I was doing a Mediterranean Diet grilling workshop that was supposed to be for 50 people and 90 people showed up.   I hadn’t made enough of my signature Honey Dijon Vinaigrette dressing to feed that many.  I had a large container of Greek yogurt with me and I had a jar of the honey dijon vinaigrette.  What else could I do, but mix the two together?  And guess what, everyone loved it and asked for the recipe (even the mayor) and a new balsamic dill yogurt dressing was born.  Since then I have used this recipe as a dressing, a dip, and a topping.

The recipe goes great as a dip with most types of fritters such as Zucchini Fritters or Leek and Potato Fritters as well as dipping sauce for Zucchini Fries.  As a matter of fact, it goes well with almost any recipe that has tzatziki on the side (as a quick substitute for the tzatziki).  I love it with Chicken Souvlaki, for example.  The flavors also mix well with most baked fish.  I would top the fish with the dressing after the fish is done cooking.

Creamy yogurt dressings seem to go particularly well with root vegetables.  Roasted potatoes with balsamic dill yogurt dressing drizzled on top?  Oh, definitely!  How about on a shredded beet and carrot salad?  Most certainly!  Mashed in with baked sweet potatoes?  Amazing!

Finally, of course, it is amazing as a salad dressing.  Sometimes, I make a traditional Greek salad and use this dressing instead of lemon and olive oil.  It also works wonderfully with more complex salads that have nuts and raisins and other crunchy ingredients.  The dressing will last 4-5 days in the fridge, but I have found it usually gets eaten up before that!  Enjoy!


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