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Mediterranean Tomato Recipes Mediterranean diet recipes Mediterranean Living

7 Mediterranean Tomato Recipes

Try 7 of our all time favorite Mediterranean tomato recipes. These dishes will make you love tomatoes even more!

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authentic Mediterranean food recipes

21 Authentic Mediterranean Food Recipes

Looking for real, traditional Mediterranean food? Here is a collection of authentic Mediterranean food recipes. These are from a variety of different Mediterranean countries.  Some of these are our own recipes, but many of them have been given to us by friends and colleagues who live in the Mediterranean, or have spent considerable time living […]

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Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

Mediterranean Zucchini Recipes

It’s a great problem to have when your garden is producing so much zucchini and squash that you have trouble using it all before it goes bad. It’s late July and I totally have that problem. This is why I decided to put together these 7 healthy zucchini recipes.

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Picnic Food Ideas

7 Mediterranean Picnic Recipes

Here are seven Mediterranean picnic food ideas to try the next time you’re planning a picnic. These Mediterranean diet foods are light and easy to pack along with you. The first recipe is a brand new deviled egg recipe that uses extra virgin olive oil instead of mayo.

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