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Mediterranean Diet-Cooking Tagine Dishes without a Tagine

How to Cook a Moroccan Tagine Dish without a Tagine

You don’t have to own a tagine to make an incredible tagine recipe. Here are some tips on cooking tagine recipes using other types of pots!

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Mediterranean Diet Secrets

7 Secrets to Eating the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the most researched (and tastiest) diets in the world.  A study came out recently that was on the front cover of the New York Times, the Boston Globe and was featured on the Today show.  The study was from the New England Journal of Medicine.  It showed that participants from Spain (who already eat Mediterranean) followed a more traditional Mediterranean Diet meal plan were 30% less likely to have cardiovascular disease.  The study was so revolutionary that they had to stop it so because it was deemed unethical to continue it.  In other words, they needed to tell the other people who were in the study because they were getting so much sicker than the people in the traditional Mediterranean group!

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Mediterranean Diet Hummus

7 Mediterranean Diet foods you are already eating

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the most well researched and healthiest diets in the world.  Many of the foods eaten in the Mediterranean are already eaten in other places.  Here are some of the popular foods that you are already eating that are part of a Mediterranean Diet meal plan.

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Traditional Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

A Traditional One Week Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

The traditional Mediterranean Diet has been shown to be one of the healthiest ways of eating in the world.  The problem is that many Mediterranean recipes found in cookbooks or on the web are not traditional.  We interviewed the Mother of a local restaurant owner on the Island of Crete to find out what a typical week of eating would have looked like 30 years ago.  This is a true Mediterranean Diet meal plan from the island.  There were no fancy kitchens and people ate mostly off their own land.  Dishes were simple and delicious peasant foods.

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Vegan Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Can I Eat a Vegan Mediterranean Diet?

Being vegan means not consuming any animal products (including meat, milk, cheese, honey, fish, and chicken).  There are plenty of vegan Mediterranean recipes.  People on the Greek island of Crete are traditionally vegans half of the year, because they don’t eat any meat or dairy on religious holidays and there are a lot of religious holidays!  On those days, they will eat veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, bread, and fruit.  The great thing about this is that they have been doing it so long that they have created thousands of delicious recipes.  There is no feeling of lack on the days when they go vegan.

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