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Olive Oil and Olives from Mediterranean

The Power of Olive Oil. Benefits, Myths, and French Fries

In this podcast, we interview Dr. Artemis Morris, a naturopathic physician about the health benefits and myths of olive oil. One of the myths of olive oil is that you cannot use it for frying or deep-frying, because of its low smoking point.

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Stuffed Vegetables: Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Two Weeks of Eating on the Greek island of Crete

I would like to share Cretan dishes that I have eaten in a two week period, all cooked by my aunt in a small village in northwestern Crete. All of these dishes are eaten for the lunch meal and leftovers are served for dinner. Lunch and dinner is enjoyed with a Greek salad, crusty bread and glass of wine.

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Breakfast Crete: Mediterranean Diet

Cooking, Eating, Napping: Life on the Healthiest Island in the World (Crete, Greece)

The Mediterranean Diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world. And, the Greek island of Crete is a great place to explore this traditional, healthy diet. The unique climate of Crete allows everything to grow in abundance. Wherever you travel in Crete, you are surrounded by olive trees. Cretans consume the most olive oil of anybody in the world. This is one of the keys to their extremely healthy way of life.

The Cretan diet consists of lots of olive oil, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and small amounts of meat and fish. Cretans also consume moderate amounts of wine and Raki, the local aperitif. They cook everything in olive oil and they hardly use butter. Butter is used for certain dishes and special occasions like rice pilaf. Could this way of eating explain why Cretans have some of the lowest rate of heart disease in the world? This is certainly part of it.

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Podcast - Living to be over 100 years old: Dr. Artemis Morris

Podcast – Living to be over 100 years old: Dr. Artemis Morris

I am so excited about our interview with Dr. Artemis Morris, a Naturopathic Physician and co-author of  The Anti-inflammatory Book for Dummies.  Dr. Morris is an expert on the Mediterranean Diet whose family is from the Greek Island of Crete.  She spoke with me about what the healthiest people in the world ate on a weekly […]

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes

7 Tips for Eating (and Living) the Mediterranean Diet

If you are interested in Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle you have come to the right place. Allow me to share some insights I have gained over the years in immersing myself in the Mediterranean way of living.

It’s the truth: I love food; whether it is “good for me” or not. I will eat almost anything that is put in front of me. From tasty white bean soup with a Greek salad to hot dogs from the grill with a bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos and a Guinness, I’m all in. When I was younger and didn’t think much about my health, this was a real problem. That is because most of what was put in front of me wasn’t healthy. Now, at home or on the road, I choose to eat delicious, healthy food that makes me feel good. Occasionally, I end up in situations where baby back ribs and french fries are my choice. Let me reiterate that when this does happen I love it. But, I don’t make this kind of choice on a daily or even weekly basis.

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Traditional Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

How To Eat the Healthiest Diet in the World (Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan)

Crete isn’t just a place where people eat healthfully. There is an enchanting simplicity to the mountainous villages on the Mediterranean island. The sound of bells on herds of wandering goats; the smell of veggies, meat, and herbs long stewing over a fire; the warm breeze that tousles your hair and gently blows away your stress like a leaf in the wind all weave together to create a feeling of magic and possibilities. My first trip to Crete almost 10 years ago began an odyssey of change that continues for me to this day.

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mediterranean diet and lifestyle

How the Mediterranean Diet Changed my Life

In 2006, after years of gaining weight, dieting, losing weight, counting calories, restricting foods, and binge eating, I made a two month trip that would gradually change not only my dieting life, but every aspect of my life, for the better. For those two months, I lived on the relatively small Greek island of Crete, […]

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Mustard Greens

Spring Cleanse: Mediterranean Style

This winter sure took a toll on me! Long months of frigid weather kept me indoors much more than I would have liked. I turned to comfort foods for nourishment- hot stews, more meat than usual and starchy vegetables. Stagnancy set in a bit. Just when I was beginning to think it would never end, Mother Nature reassured me of the cycle of the seasons by melting the snow and giving new life a chance to grow. I cried happy tears when I raked the leaves out of my garden beds and saw the first green shoots poking up: the crocuses, lilies, and hostas. The lemon balm and St Johns wort were also alive and well. It seems impossible that plants can be so hearty.

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Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Why the Mediterranean Diet is Unlike Any Other Diet

Does the word ‘diet’ fill you with dread? Does it make you think of deprivation, eating food that tastes like cardboard, and feeling hungry all the time? There are many ‘diets’ that cause these feelings for people, and they don’t provide long-term results. The Mediterranean diet is different. Here is a list of reasons why.

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Cayenne Pepper: The Anti-inflammatory and Heart Healthy Spice

Cayenne Pepper: The Anti-inflammatory and Heart Healthy Spice

Show a little love for your heart by eating spicy cayenne pepper! Stop by to learn about healthy and delicious cayenne pepper.

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