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Reflux and the Mediterranean Diet

Tired of Prilosec? Mediterranean Diet works as well or better with only positive side effects (study).

A recent study showed that a modified Mediterranean Diet was as effective or more effective in healing reflux then protein pump inhibitors (prilosec, nexium, prevacid, etc.)

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Spice up your Meal (and Night) with Aphrodisiacs

Many Mediterranean Diet recipes are aphrodisiacs. What exactly is an aphrodisiac? Simply put, it is a food or substance that increases sexual desire or excitement. Do you ever feel frisky after drinking a glass of champagne? That is an example of consuming an aphrodisiac. There are many juicy and delicious foods, drinks and spices with […]

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Horta With Potatoes

Food To Nourish Your Body And Soul

Take care of yourself and flourish by incorporating some of the most nourishing, nutrient-dense foods in your diet. Many of these foods are packed with cancer-preventing antioxidants and heart healthy fats, proving that comfort foods can be good for you!

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Mediterranean Diet and eye health

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Blindness by 26%

A new study out in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that participants who ate a Mediterranean Diet were 26% less likely to get advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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Stuffed Vegetables: Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Two Weeks of Eating on the Greek island of Crete

I would like to share Cretan dishes that I have eaten in a two week period, all cooked by my aunt in a small village in northwestern Crete. All of these dishes are eaten for the lunch meal and leftovers are served for dinner. Lunch and dinner is enjoyed with a Greek salad, crusty bread and glass of wine.

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Traditional Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

How To Eat the Healthiest Diet in the World (Mediterranean Diet)

Crete isn’t just a place where people eat healthfully. There is an enchanting simplicity to the mountainous villages on the Mediterranean island. The sound of bells on herds of wandering goats; the smell of veggies, meat, and herbs long stewing over a fire; the warm breeze that tousles your hair and gently blows away your stress like a leaf in the wind all weave together to create a feeling of magic and possibilities. My first trip to Crete almost 10 years ago began an odyssey of change that continues for me to this day.

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mediterranean diet and lifestyle

How the Mediterranean Diet Changed my Life

In 2006, after years of gaining weight, dieting, losing weight, counting calories, restricting foods, and binge eating, I made a two month trip that would gradually change not only my dieting life, but every aspect of my life, for the better. For those two months, I lived on the relatively small Greek island of Crete, […]

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What's Wrong with the Mediterranean Diet?

What’s Wrong with the Mediterranean Diet?

Once again, the Mediterranean Diet is plastered on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in the country. The newest headline: “Study shows the Mediterranean Diet is good for memory”. I kind of want to be excited, but, I mostly feel exasperated. In the Mediterranean, where people still practice traditional diet and customs there is almost no dementia or heart disease or cancer or really any other disease. People die of old age, sometimes in their 90’s, sometimes in their 100’s. And they do it with energy, grace, and style.

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Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Why the Mediterranean Diet is Unlike Any Other Diet

Does the word ‘diet’ fill you with dread? Does it make you think of deprivation, eating food that tastes like cardboard, and feeling hungry all the time? There are many ‘diets’ that cause these feelings for people, and they don’t provide long-term results. The Mediterranean diet is different. Here is a list of reasons why.

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Top Choices in Olive Oil Books

Top Choices in Olive Oil Books

Embrace the flavor and many uses of olive oil as you learn about our favorite books chock full of olive oil facts and delicious recipes!

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