Breakfast will never be the same. This recipe for Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs is super easy, delicious and sure to leave you satisfied, ready to start the day.

This reimagining of hash makes it a wonderful breakfast option. We swapped out regular potatoes with sweet potatoes, which means more vitamin A, antioxidants and potassium. We also took out processed meats and, instead, added uncured chicken sausage to the recipe to ensure the scrumptious meaty flavors while feeling confident in the quality of the meat.

A major part of why this sweet potato hash recipe is a healthy alternative to traditional hash is that it is plant-based instead of animal-based. The key is choosing plant-based ingredients that will produce a similar experience to eating something animal-based. That’s why we chose mushrooms and red peppers in this recipe as our additional vegetables.

As always, we baked our hash in extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best fats because it is packed with antioxidants, minimally processed and is consumed by people who exhibit the lowest rates of heart disease in the world (Crete!). Here is a fascinating study on the association between olive oil consumption and heart disease if you are interested in learning more!

Another terrific aspect of this sweet potato hash recipe is that it’s all done and ready to go on a single sheet pan. Sheet pan recipes are great because they keep cooking simple, allow the flavors of all the ingredients to come together, and streamline the clean up afterwards. Not to mention, the presentation of the finished dish is exceptional. This sweet potato hash is no exception. So, next time you crave a bountiful breakfast that won’t leave you feeling overly full and sleepy, check out this recipe.

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