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Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Help Relieve Constipation

9 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Help Relieve Constipation

Let’s face it, constipation is no fun.  It is uncomfortable, painful and can be dangerous if it goes on too long.  Luckily, most cases of constipation can be solved with a change in diet and exercise (for severe constipation, you should see your doctor).  Some of my favorite recipes just happen to be excellent at relieving constipation.  These are dishes that are high in fiber, fruits, vegetables and olive oil.

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Romantic mediterranean meals

Romantic Mediterranean Meals for Valentine’s Day

There isn’t much that is more satisfying than making a romantic meal for your loved one, especially when it really comes from your heart.  I invite you this valentine’s day to forget about the commercialism and really delve into what about your loved one makes your heart leap.  Spend some time thinking about what would make them happy and do it for them!

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Jess Kurti

The Journey of Jess Kurti

Mediterranean Living met and interviewed Jess Kurti, a passionate and seemingly tireless woman who is traveling the country to run marathons in all 50 states all while volunteering at all of the Feeding America food banks.

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Mediterranean Diet Longevity

Longevity Secrets from a 97 year old man and his 80 year old wife (Crete)

They are still in love and have the energy of any active middle-aged couple. The difference is that Giannis Maragoudakis is 97 and his wife Katerina is 80. They live on the Mediterranean island of Crete and have a lot of sage advice for us younguns.

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Be A Holiday Helper

Be A Holiday Helper

There are innumerable ways that we can support our communities around the holidays. Giving of our care, time, money and necessities are just some of the ways that we can support organizations and individuals who need assistance during the holiday season.

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Healthy Choices on Thanksgiving For Mediterranean Diet

Healthy Choices On Thanksgiving

I love a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Doesn’t everyone? From the roasted turkey to the stuffing to all the trimmings, everything at the table is pretty irresistible. Thanksgiving is a combination of smorgasbord and a celebration of the goodness of food with family and friends.

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Gratitude for Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle

Finding Gratitude: The Mediterranean Way

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, I feel more inspired than usual to express my gratitude. In the company of friends and family, I enjoy sharing stories and celebrating the history that we share. This is an excellent practice that I encourage as a year-round tradition. In fact, I highly recommend a practice of expressing gratitude daily, which is also an essential part of living a Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Cultured Foods For The Kitchen For Mediterranean Diet

Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen

I recently discovered Leda Scheintaub’s beautiful cookbook, Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen: 100 Recipes Featuring the Bold Flavors of Fermentation, while visiting Leda and her husband Nash’s restaurant, Dosa Kitchen in Brattleboro, Vermont. After reading so much about the benefits of eating cultured foods, I wanted to explore making my own fermented foods. All of the recipes I’ve tried have been delicious. This book is an intelligent and engaging exploration of fermentation. The book guides you through creating your own ferments to use in the recipes, or you can use store bought fermented foods. So, you can pick a recipe that matches your current energy! It was a pleasure to interview Leda and share more about her book and ferments with the Mediterranean Living community.

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Color for Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

Finding Balance With Color

Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle is about creating a balanced lifestyle with healthy eating, mindfulness and movement. One of the ways to create balance in your life is to create spaces and environments that suit your intended mood. We sat down with expert color consultant Amy Woolf to talk about color and how it impacts mood and wellness. Our chat was a colorful and engaging chat and we think you’ll also appreciate her interesting perspectives.

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Pirrung for Mediterranean Diet

UltraMarathoner Roy Pirrung’s Inspirational Story

Inspiration from Roy Pirrung, Ultramarathoner: Transform Your Life with Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle A couple of months ago, I discovered a truly inspirational story about Roy Pirrung, ultramarathoner. As an ultramarathoner myself, I was so excited to read his story about his transformation into health through running. In addition to changing his life by becoming more […]

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