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7 Mediterranean Super Bowl Recipes

7 Mediterranean Super Bowl Recipes

Try these 7 healthy Mediterranean Super Bowl recipes for your Super Bowl party! Not hosting? These are also great recipes to bring to a Super Bowl party!

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Picnic Food Ideas

7 Mediterranean Picnic Recipes

Here are seven Mediterranean picnic food ideas to try the next time you’re planning a picnic. These Mediterranean diet foods are light and easy to pack along with you. The first recipe is a brand new deviled egg recipe that uses extra virgin olive oil instead of mayo.

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avocado toast

Our Favorite Avocado Toast Recipes

We’ve been testing avocado toast recipes lately and trying to create healthy Mediterranean versions. These are three of our favorite recipes we came up with. Two of these recipes are savory and one is sweet. They are all simple to make, but are also filling and nutritional Mediterranean breakfast recipes.

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Grape Leaves: Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Stuffed Grape Leaves (with video)

Koula Barydakis shows us how to make vegetarian grape leaves on the island of Crete.

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Meze

Introduction to Lebanese Meze

Every Mediterranean country has a tradition of small plate foods that are eaten either as appetizers or as a meal on their own.  In America, we are most familiar with Tapas from Spain, but there are many other versions of Tapas from other countries.  The Lebanese version is the “Meze”.  These small plates of food […]

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes: Pan Fried Shrimp

Tapas Party! 4 Tapas Recipes – 1 Pan!

Thrill your friends by cooking 4 tapas dishes right in front of them all in one pan!

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