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7 Mediterranean Crockpot Recipes

7 Mediterranean Crockpot Recipes

Do you have a Crockpot or slow cooker? These 7 Mediterranean Crockpot recipes are great for busy people who want a delicious homemade meal after a long day! If you spend a little time the night before prepping the ingredients, you’ll be ready to throw a meal together quickly that will stew all day while you’re at work! There’s nothing better than coming home to a house that smells of a homecooked meal. You can guarantee that your slow cooker is going to cook everything all the way through and develop some serious depth of flavor in the process.

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7 Favorite Mediterranean Soups Mediterranean Living Mediterranean Diet Recipes

7 Favorite Mediterranean Soup Recipes

Don’t you love it when a food is both a comfort food and good for you? I know I do because I feel fine eating a little extra even if I’m already full. Mediterranean soups are totally in this category. What you’ll notice about Mediterranean soups is that they contain beans, legumes, dark leafy greens, herbs, and lots of vegetables.

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes from the Mediterranean Diet

7 Favorite Mediterranean Thanksgiving Recipes

One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much is its predictability of dishes that will delight my taste buds and fill my belly.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean and sweet potato casseroles and cranberry sauce are always on the table (even at my vegetarian Aunt Sydna’s Thanksgiving table).  Traditional recipes withstanding, I still love to prepare a few Mediterranean dishes every year and I find they are always well received alongside the Turkey and gravy.  I hope you enjoy these healthy Thanksgiving recipes that may even create some new traditions in the years to come.

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Mediterranean Diet-Cooking Tagine Dishes without a Tagine

How to Cook a Moroccan Tagine Dish without a Tagine

You don’t have to own a tagine to make an incredible tagine recipe. Here are some tips on cooking tagine recipes using other types of pots!

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